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Jenn DeCoste


"When I felt isolated and alone in my work - feeling as if people were looking to me for answers I didn’t have yet, Laurie gave me a safe space to ask questions, to learn from someone who has walked this path before me, and to feel supported in my own journey."

Chris Pelham

Third Sector Enhancement

“Be prepared to be motivated by the tenacity, thoroughness, and creativity of Laurie’s approach to any assignment or project. These attributes coupled with friendliness, caring, and honesty make working with Laurie a joy.”

Tegan Smith

Inlet Communications

"Laurie's leadership and passion for community development is evident not only in her energy and effectiveness, but in the way she treats fellow staff and colleagues. I would work with Laurie again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity!"

Tara Jaskowiak


"Laurie's passion and expertise in adult education and creating captivating, innovative custom learning opportunities is outstanding.


She takes the time to listen deeply and understand the people she works with. 

In a world where we might find ourselves moving fast and checking boxes, the support Laurie provides is greatly needed and appreciated."

Grant MacDonald

Governing Good

"Laurie brings to her work a deep commitment to community development, a learners perspective and a kit bag full of practical tools for helping groups."