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Get the Support You Need!

All organizations struggle to figure out how to make the most of the resources they have, and how to find new resources to grow or expand. 

Even more so in the era of Covid 19!




To get the latest in resources to help you cope, and get info about new online workshops, other learning opportunities and special offers!

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  • Show Me the $$$

  • Dial Up Your Impact

  • How to Build High Performance Teams

  • Good Planning, Evaluation & Governance

Available LIVE! or Online.

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custom coaching

Feel like you need help, but not sure with what?

We help leadership teams reflect on where their organization is going, and if it needs something new.

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We have just started some support groups for Board Chairs, CEO's & Executive Directors.

We also have an Aftercare Group for those who have taken workshops with us.

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inspirational merchandise

Coming Soon!

Proceeds will help groups with limited budgets to also be able to participate in workshops, custom coaching and access to membership!

Join us on our NEW! Chutzpah World Patreon page too! Benefits for different levels of Patrons include:

  • access to Special Offers!

  • first crack at Special Events!

  • access to How to Do More with What You Have!

  • access to private Chutzpah World Facebook or Linked in learning groups for board members and Executive Directors

  • access to LIVE! Monthly Q&A sessions

  • access to insider opportunities to see the latest of what we're working on, give input and get early access,

  • inspirational merchandise and 30% discount on group learning opportunities.

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