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Sheroes! The rise of women - it’s about time! #WECAN and #WEMUST

Something that’s got me quite jazzed these days is the rise of voice of such remarkable women - around the globe.

We have Michelle Obama talking about why it’s important to vote.  

We have the Prime Minister of New Zealand making a compelling plea at the United Nations Assembly for more kindness in the world, attention to climate change, and the need for the global community to DO MORE to help those struggling in the world.  One of the most compelling and articulate speeches I have ever seen.

We have the first female pilot in South Africa organizing a camp for girls to help them learn to fly - on soooo many levels.

And we have Dr. Christine Blasey Ford continuing the fight that Anita Hill, Tarana Burke and so many others have fought with the #metoo movement.  

And we have women like Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher standing up for their right to be heard and making a difference in a way they probably couldn’t even have imagined - against all odds.

Now we just need more women to step up and take even bigger roles in society.

 #METOO almost needs to have double meaning - as many women who can need to commit to making their voices heard on behalf of others, and running for office.


Many years ago I did - thinking it was time for me to walk the talk.  If I believed that women should be - need to be - in government to help change things, then I needed to step up.  I did. I didn’t win. But I learned a lot. And I’m proud that I tried. It is not easy.

There are many women who will never be in a place where they could even consider running - but that just means those of us with privilege have even more of a responsibility to try.

We need to work together - across party lines, and maybe even form new parties - to make a difference and get more women into office.  Only then will things probably significantly change.

Maybe there’s room for some new hashtags even - #WECAN and #WEMUST.  Because we must. We have soooo much to offer - and the world needs us.  More than ever.

Who knows - maybe I’ll even run again someday myself.  I know for sure - I will vote, and I will support - with everything I have - to see other women and their allies succeed.


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