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Do you struggle to find time to learn?  Often feel like you're all alone trying to figure something out?

Are you a professional in the nonprofit / community sector?  Are you looking for new ways to support innovation in your organization?  Looking to get your team working together better?  Looking to diversify your funding sources?

Join us for one of several Masterminds hosted by a professional adult educator and facilitator.

Topics in development include:

  • Innovation & Governance

  • Collaboration:  Learning how to work well together!

  • Show Me the Money!  Diversifying Your Revenue

  • Organizing for Impact! Persuading Others to Your Cause

engaged woman online.jpeg

All Masterminds will be online with a variety of options to suit your schedule.  Currently all will be focused one month learning sprints. 


Sessions will be limited to max 6 people.

Contact us to find out more information.

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