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My PhD Journey, So Far...

As part of my PhD Journey with Nova Scotia's Inter-University Educational Studies Program, I had to develop a Portfolio that demonstrates 5 key areas of competencies. 


The program is co-hosted by:  Acadia University, Mount Saint Vincent University and St. Francis Xavier University.  My supervisor is Dr. Michael Corbett so my home institution is Acadia University, but I have committee members that include people from other universities as well as my own.

My committee members currently are:  Dr. Ashwani Kumar of Mount Saint Vincent University and Dr. John Colton of Acadia University.  Dr. Kumar is a Professor in the Educational Studies program, and Dr. Colton is head of the Community Development Department at Acadia.

The narrative for this portfolio includes:


  • an Introduction (with links to a chart of the artefacts included here, and the narrative in full),

  • the 5 competency areas, and

  • a Moving Forward section.


The 5 Competency Areas include:

  1. General Knowledge

  2. In-Depth Knowledge

  3. Research Knowledge

  4. Professional & Collegial

  5. Teaching & Instructional

Hardcover Books

General Knowledge

This section is about demonstrating a broad familiarity with prominent social, scientific and educational theoretical traditions and trends related to educational studies.

In-Depth Knowledge

This section is about demonstrating a thorough and detailed knowledge of a range of issues in my specific doctoral focus area.


Research Knowledge & Competencies

This section is about demonstrating research competence and critical analysis of current research and methodological issues.

Professional & Collegial Competencies

This section is about demonstrating range of activities that will enhance active professional engagement.


Teaching & Instructional Competencies

This section is about demonstrating readiness to assume role of teacher and mentor in academia and other educational contexts.

Moving Forward

Toward A Methodology & A Research Proposal

This section is about how I will be moving forward in my PhD journey.  Selecting artefacts and writing a narrative for this Portfolio assignment has helped me explore a variety of methodological approaches that interest me, and will also now form a basis for what I need to do next which is a research proposal.

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