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Special Covid-19 Offer!

We know many organizations are struggling at this time.  

If you need support to figure out how to manage your organization or business in this time of crisis, we can help.  More than ever, now is the time to learn and innovate.

SIGN UP! today for updates on resources and support that can help you get through the next few days, weeks or months!


Everyone that signs up will be eligible

for a FREE! Custom Coaching Call...

More Support in Development!

We are also looking to offer custom coaching and support through private groups, and Zoom calls.

If this is something that would interest you, again - SIGN UP! to get information when those are available.  Let us know with an email as well if that is something that would interest you, and what kind of support you would be most interested in.


I'm Laurie

I specialize in creating engaging and transformative learning experiences to help organizations be more diverse, inclusive, innovative and effective.


I do this by offering custom coaching and learning experiences designed to build strong, high performance teams and organizational cultures where people feel cared for, trusted, highly motivated and able to bring their best self to work.


I have a broad background in community work, consulting, adult education, facilitation, and supporting and encouraging innovation.

I have a Masters in Adult Education specializing in Community Development, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  I've worked in community, the nonprofit sector, business and government.

Some of my passions are:  social enterprise, helping communities to think in an entrepreneurial way, and supporting and encouraging fearless collaboration in all ways.  I love diversity and see it as a strength in all things.  I also think conflict and tension are part and parcel of collaboration, and can be tremendous opportunities for creativity.

I am also President of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet).

As an Innovation, Learning and Leadership specialist, I take a holistic approach to helping organizations and communities be the best they can be.  I'm always particularly interested in the culture of an organization and what its reason for being is.