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Hi!  I'm Laurie Cook.  I have a broad background in community work, consulting, adult education, facilitation, and supporting and encouraging innovation.

I have a Masters in Adult Education specializing in Community Development, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  I've worked in community, the nonprofit sector, business and government.

Some of my passions are:  social enterprise, helping communities to think in an entrepreneurial way, and supporting and encouraging fearless collaboration in all ways.  I love diversity and see it as a strength in all things.  I also think conflict and tension can be tremendous opportunities for great creativity.

I am also President of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet), an advisor for the Atlantic Innovation Ecosystem Project called WeavEast, and orchestrator of Halifax's first Community Innovation Summit.

As an Innovation and Leadership specialist, I take a holistic approach to helping organizations and communities be the best they can be.  I'm always particularly interested in the culture of an organization and what its reason for being is. 



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How I Can


Are you an organization looking to excel, but struggling instead to just look after the basics? 


Do you want to develop a culture of leadership, creativity and innovation that will enable you accomplish your goals, and make a difference in the world?


We offer custom support

and learning opportunities in...

  • doing more with what you have

  • building high performance teams

  • increasing creativity and resourcefulness

  • finding new resources to help you do the work you know is needed

Get a FREE! Resource

to help you do more with what you have.

Many people in community organizations are looking for new resources - human and financial to help them be more effective in doing they work they are doing.  

Chutzpah Consulting believes there are always ways to do more with what you have.  So, before you jump into trying to find new resources (which we can also help you with), we believe it's critical to look at what you have already and see how you can leverage those resources to go as far as possible.

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