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Hello, I'm Laurie

As the founder of Chutzpah Consulting, I specialize in helping organizations develop strategies, cultures and systems to be inclusive, innovative and impactful.  

I do this by providing consulting services, and designing engaging, creative and transformative learning experiences where people feel cared for, trusted, highly motivated and able to bring their best self to work.

I'm also doing a PhD through the Nova Scotia Inter-University Educational Studies Doctoral program which includes Mount Saint Vincent University, St. Francis Xavier University and Acadia University. 


My research interests are informed by my own lived experience with mental illness.  They include: inclusive economic development, social enterprise development, community development in general, social movement learning and meditative inquiry as an approach to learning in community.

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Evaluation, Research

& Learning

Learn how to make sure your activities are aligned with your goals and values, and informed with up to date best practices in your field.

Revenue Diversification & Social Enterprise

Funding for community organizations is always challenging. Diversify your revenue streams, and develop as a social enterprise!

Team Meeting

Building Diverse, High Performing Teams

Your most important resource is your people.  Make sure whether they are paid staff or volunteers they can be their best and most innovative selves.  

Services Offered
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Laurie at Chutzpah Consulting provides insights beyond the immediate scope of program evaluation. She looks at not only the data, but the overall organization, the identified directions, and the commitments to stakeholders and funders.  


Laurie’s years of experience in the non-profit and education sector allow her to ask the questions that move a project to an authentic and beneficial outcome.

- Susan Ayles, Director of Programs

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