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Research, Evaluation


Need to do some research in your field?    Wondering how to make sure you are doing the work you said you want to do, that you have told funders and your board you are going to do?  Don't have a strategic, business or operational plan and need one?


Learn how to make sure your activities are aligned with your goals and values, and informed with up to date best practices in your field. 


We can specialize in not just doing the work for you, but in helping you learn how to do such work yourself with our unique coaching services!

What we do...

Team Meeting

Community Development

& Engagement

Looking to engage with community in a way that puts them in the drivers' seat?  Want to connect with your stakeholders in a deeper way?  Want to do Community Development and Engagement differently?


As a member of the International Association of Community Development (IACD), over 30 years experience in Community Development (doing it, teaching it & researching it), and staff with both Masters (soon, PhD), and Bachelor degrees in this area, we got you!  

Unique offerings include applying meditative inquiry and compassionate listening as approaches to learning in community.  Again, we also offer coaching services in this area as well as providing consulting services directly.

Social Enterprise

& Co-op Development

Wondering what social enterprise is all about?  Wondering if your organization is a social enterprise?  Wondering if you should be society or a co-op?  Wondering if eCommerce is something for you to help diversify your revenue?


We can help you figure these things out, and find funding for business planning / co-op development.  


We have extensive experience working with social purpose / community organizations, and we can either do the work for you or help you learn how to do the work yourself with our unique workshops and coaching services.  


Hello, I'm Laurie

As the founder of Chutzpah Consulting, I specialize in helping organizations and communities develop strategies, systems and cultures to be inclusive, innovative and impactful.  ​


We do this by providing consulting services, coaching and engaging, creative and transformative learning experiences where people feel cared for, trusted, highly motivated and able to bring their best self to work.​


I'm also doing a PhD through the Nova Scotia Inter-University Educational Studies Doctoral program which includes Mount Saint Vincent University, St. Francis Xavier University and Acadia University.   


My research interests are informed by my own lived experience with mental illness.  They include: inclusive economic development, social enterprise development, community development in general, social movement learning and meditative inquiry as an approach to learning in community.

What our Clients & Colleagues say...
Jennifer DeCoste Photo.jpeg

When I felt isolated and alone in my work - feeling as if people were looking to me for answers I didn’t have yet, Laurie gave me a safe space to ask questions, to learn from someone who has walked this path before me, and to feel supported in my own journey.

- Jennifer DeCoste, Founder Life.School.House


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