Do you have a COMPLEX CHALLENGE you've been struggling for years to address?  At Chutzpah, we are constantly learning to bring you the best in new ways of turning ideas into action.

ie. The Art of Social Labs...   

A new approach to planning that is very experimental and agile.  It is all about proto-typing different approaches quickly to figure out new ways to solve VERY complex challenges.

The social lab approach is not designed to replace traditional approaches to planning which may be appropriate for certain types of goals, but to add another tool in our toolkits.

Thought leader, Zaid Hassan, has written several articles and a book on the subject, but one of the best quick explanations is this short video.


Another thought leader we love is Marshall Ganz, whose book...

Why David Sometimes Wins...  explores the nature of social movements and how change happens.  One of our favourite quotes from Ganz is:

"...good strategy, like good jazz, is an on-going creative process of learning to achieve a desired outcome by interacting with others to adapt to constantly changing circumstances."  

In other words, the one thing we can count on is change, so we might as well get on with adapting to it.